NSEA Negotiations Update

Your Negotiations Team wants you to know that last week they finished the second of a two-day training in Interest-Based Bargaining (IBB).

The NSEA Negotiations team consists of Tony DiBenedetto, Laurie Weil, Pamela Kramer, Kara Smith, Emily Castillo-Oh, Jenni Cooper, Kathy Anaya, Bill Steinbach, Alexie Downey, Amanda Wiehl, and Sheri Henkel. The district’s team consists of board members Jane Mordini and Michael Cohen, administrators John Sprangers, Monica Schroeder, Michael Bregge, Matt Erikson, Mohsin Dada, and Craig Keer, and district attorneys Mike Loizzi and Jennifer Moeller. The members of both teams attended the IBB training together in a collaborative environment.

We have set many dates to meet between now and the end of the year, as well as two dates over the summer. We are optimistic that using the IBB process for negotiating will allow for more communication between the parties, and the sharing of thoughts and concerns. Rest assured that we will be communicating with you as often as possible.

Thank you for all your support!


Your Negotiations Team